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The Pregnant ME!

Finding out I was Pregnant was not something I was excited about. In fact, Donnell and I were not planning on having children for at least another 2-4 years. We were taught FAMILY is everything and both come from very loving/caring families but we also witnessed “the struggle” growing up. We wanted things to be different. We wanted more and had/have a vision to show our younger generations you can live a life by design with hard work, dedication, and commitment. With that being said, having a child was looked at as a setback. We wanted to wait for the “PERFECT” time to plan and have our first so that we didn’t have to experience that same struggle and could show him/her the world without a worry.

Advocare came into our lives and changed everything. We got a taste of SUCCESS and life became FUN and FREE! The time and financial freedom allowed us to travel more in one year than we did in our entire lives. We told ourselves we were going to enjoy each other and different places of the world before a baby. Well that changed faster than a blink of an eye.


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