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Advocare - The 24 Day Challenge


The challenge changes lives. It teaches people how to eat clean as a lifestyle and the role supplementation plays for their health, energy levels and overall wellness.  History shows it takes 21 days to create a new habit. We are helping people make this a lifestyle. The challenge is broken up into two phases.

The cleanse phase: GENTLE & NON-EVENTFUL! This phase will help put your body in the best position to appreciate all the ways you will be taking care of it with the supplements, proper nutrition, and exercise in the next phase! It helps your body absorb and digest nutrients properly, rejuvenate and cleanse your digestive system to remove all those toxins that may contribute to weight gain.

Your next phase is the max phase and what we like to call the LIFESTYLE PHASE: This phase you will being flooding your body with nutrients. You will learn proper nutrition not only in days 11-24, but for the rest of your life! It will also teach you how to supplement your body to fill in all the nutritional gaps. We offer FREE coaching with this program via email. We will send you a meal plan, workout plan (both at home and the gym), grocery list, recipe book and the best part about it is the coaching and support throughout the challenge and after.

If you are interested you simply go to select BUILD YOU OWN 24 day bundle so that you can select the flavor options you prefer. (ADD ON: CATALYST)

For those that are unable to commit to the full challenge (lack of time or finances), we are in the business of helping people and can work with ANY GOAL OR BUDGET. Therefore we have two other awesome options.

10 day herbal cleanse: The cleanse is an awesome way to go if you are looking for something quick. Helps to flush toxins, reduce bloat, boost energy levels, and get back on track after a holiday OR even jump-start your weight loss.

The cleanse is the first 10 days of the 24 day challenge. (Refer to the cleanse phase of the 24 day challenge above for the complete breakdown)

You can be purchase your 10 day bundle at . We do offer FREE coaching with your purchase. We will send you a meal plan, workout plan, and grocery list via email. Products you will need: Herbal Cleanse, Box of Spark, and Omegaplex.

Lean in 13:  This program is intended for a person willing to follow a 13 day eating plan and really wanting fast results.  It will help put your metabolism back on the right track and push your body into intense “fat burning” mode.  You may want to complete the 10 day cleanse before doing the lean in 13 to detox first which can be helpful to get even better results.





Muscle Gain (packets)

2 boxes of spark

100% RECOMMENDED: one box of the 10 day HERBAL CLEANSE

We will provide a meal plan along with workouts and coaching on how to properly take the SUPPLEMENTS with your purchase.